Industrial CAD Drafting Services

Streamline the design process and recreate new designs by breaking down and recreating ones that already exist.


Industrial/Product Design CAD Drafting Services

Every consumer product begins its life as an idea from the inventor/designer. The first phase of designs for a product are related to how the product will function. However the Industrial/product design phase addresses the aspects of human interaction and perception of the product. After the 3D model designer completes the product’s design, industrial CAD drafting services in both 3D and 2D produces the sets of workshop drawings required for the manufacturing phase of the product.

Our Approach to Industrial CAD Drafting

  • Meeting with the clients to gain a thorough understanding of the products current designs.
  • Determine the manufacturing processes that apply to the product and required workshop drawings.
  • Using the 3D model designs as borrowed assets, workshop drawings are CAD drafted to exacting detail.
  • Workshop drawings are reviewed for AS1100.

Solid Innovations have many tools available to streamline the whole process, which include:

  • Scanned to 3D – capability to import, evaluate and create solid geometry from scanned point cloud and meshed data.
  • Import and reuse concepts that have been generated on Adobe Illustrator ®
  • Convert imported data to native CAD data to be used in SolidWorks ®
  • Geometry comparison tools to better evaluate different scanned designs
  • Export data for rapid prototyping

So What is Industrial Design?

It Starts From an Idea

As the human brain thinks in 3D a similar approach should be taken to design. If you are looking for a way to physically test or prove how your idea works, Solid Innovations is here to help. A personal approach is taken to work closely and assist clients in developing an idea into something real.

Concept Development

Creating a conceptual model in 3D Cad and modifying and improving on that design is our speciality. Evaluating the concept and its function in real world scenarios provide an excellent medium to assess and improve the design. Solid Innovations create 3D models of parts and assemblies and produce rendered images and exploded views of the product for use in manuals and product illustrations. Realistic renderings of your concept are also produced to illustrate what it will look like in its intended environment.

Prototype Development

Some of the best product improvements can come from physically building and using it. Solid Innovations work closely with local manufacturers in being able to physically evaluate the product once it is produced. This can help to reveal flaws in a design that may not be obvious through drawings, models, or mental images. By finding a flaw in an inexpensive proof of concept prototype, you may find that the concept will not work at all. Discovering this in the early stages of the product’s development can save a great deal of money. This also may reveal ways to improve the concept and make it more marketable, just by making very small changes.

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