Structural 3D Model Design Services

Superior communications increases focus on the design process, which results in improved designs. No matter what your discipline our vast experience in design and manufacture is to your advantage.

3d Model Design Structural

Structural 3D Model Designers

Designing structures within the mining, heavy transport, agriculture, aeronautical and marine industries Solid Innovations has the facilities to design machinery, frameworks and structures to suit a wide range of applications.  3D modelling and 3D drafting are combined to produce highly detailed 3d models that are used to produce detailed workshop drawings for manufacture.

All 3D models are created in SolidWorks® software and, during the initial concept phase, are able to be communicated via a large range of mediums, including 3D PDF drawings and E-Drawings®.  This increases the level of detail and communication between draftsman and client to ensure all information is adequately assessed.

Detailed assembly layout Drawings may be produced in either PDF for easy viewing or DXF and DWG format, for translation into other CAD packages. Solid Innovations is also capable of drafting the complete set of structural CAD drawings and lists.

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