Industrial 3D Model Design Services

Providing comprehensive design solutions to clients by matching proven processes to specific needs of a market or consumer.

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Industrial/Product 3D Model Design Services

Industrial Design, also known as Product Design, is a form of design in which consumer products are created with an emphasis on the user experience. While Engineering is mainly focused on function, Industrial Design also considers usability, human factors, ergonomics and appearance, while still keeping the function. Solid Innovations offer Industrial Design consultancy services and product market implementation through a planned design processes. Real world solutions to the design and development of products are provided whilst offering turnkey and strategic design solutions from early concept through to manufacturing and marketing.

Our Approach

  • Meeting with the clients to ascertain what the requirement is, and understand the desire behind the design.
  • Uncover the challenges that lie ahead and work out what is possible.
  • Determine potential innovative opportunities that may exist and align this with the business needs.
  • Formulate a strategy through a close working relationship with the client that delivers value and innovation to the market.

Why don’t you give Solid Innovations a call on 1300 196 299 for an obligation free discussion on whether their services can help your idea become a reality.

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