Collaborating With Solid Innovations

Australia-Wide under-the-one-roof solutions for 3D Modelling, 2D CAD Drafting, Technical Documentation, and Solidworks Consultations.

Collaborating With Solid Innovations

Assisting your design team

Whether you use SolidWorks software and require an SolidWorks Certified Professional, require a SolidWorks contractor, or have another CAD package, we can assist your current design team, both on or off site. As SolidWorks is our chosen package for its comprehensive approach to complex mechanical design, documentation and visualisation, we are also able to communicate with most other 3D and 2D CAD systems.

Save Time & Resources

Quite often clients with only 2D systems require more tools to be able to accurately design their products, before prototyping or attempting a trial production run. The alternative to 3D design is to spend more time making prototypes and physically testing assemblies. This is often a time consuming and expensive process, as many more man hours are wasted in physically testing and changing designs “on the run” in production.

Real World Point of View

Solid Innovations will enable you to visualise and test your designs in a “real world” environment. Testing for interference and collision whilst mechanical components are interacting with each other is paramount when designing mechanisms and machines. Plastic and cast products will be analysed for draft analysis and rate of curvature, ensuring the best possible quality is achieved in production. Design collaboration, will ensure everyone can effectively visualise the products before they are prototyped.

Improved End Result

The end result is better designs, better communication, better products, more efficient production methods and minimal need for prototyping.

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