Workshop Drawings CAD Drafting for Manufacturing

Save time and money in production by working from clear and concise workshop drawings.

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CAD Drafting for Manufacturing

As each client is different, and the manufacturing processes vary, so is the design intent required to produce 3D models and mechanical drawings for manufacture.

Solid Innovations produce detailed workshop drawings that follow the same build order that is required in production . This ensures that the manufacturing drawings, materials take off and bill of materials constantly follow the exact process order that is required for manufacture. Solid Innovations work closely with their clients to tailor make a package that ensures a smooth transition through manufacturing.

In addition to mechanical drawings, structural drawings have detailed cut lists to ensure there are no calculations required to be “taken-off” by workshop personnel, therefore eliminating any miscalculations due to human error.

The end result is highly detailed drawings for manufacture that are easy to read and incorporate Bill of Materials into production systems via excel spreadsheets.

2D/3D CAD Drafting Services

Even though 2D CAD drawings are at the end of the 3D design process, they are at the front end to manufacturing.  Solid Innovations use their many years of experience in the manufacturing industry to ensure that the final CAD drafting communicates all manufacturing requirements proficiently.  This ensures that tradespeople and workshop personnel fully understand the workshop drawings and the processes and materials involved in manufacturing.

The clearer the detailing on the drawing, the less room there is for misinterpretation in manufacture.  The end result is more accurate products made in less time.  Solid Innovations’ draughtsman utilise isometric exploded views and scaled up detail views to ensure that there is almost no room for misunderstanding which reflects in the time it takes to make the product, and also in the quality of the build.

With the seemingly ease of use many 3D CAD Packages on the market offer, it is not a magic wand you can wave to achieve results, as many salespeople may have you believe. Results vary greatly between cad draughtsman and different service providers and this often leaves the client sceptical as to the benefits. Solid Innovations offer professional services with many years experience in manufacturing, they guarantee you will not be disappointed with the results.

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