Solid Innovations Business History

Australia-Wide under-the-one-roof solutions for 3D Modelling, 2D CAD Drafting, Technical Documentation, and Solidworks Consultations.

3D Modelling Company Established In 2003

Steven Atkinson established Solid Innovations in 2003 after gaining more than ten years experience in 3D design for manufacture and completing a trade in sheet-metal.  By this time Steven had also gained extensive experience in Quality Assurance, SolidWorks Sales & Support and Design Drafting in the Mechanical and Structural Industries. With an extensive portfolio of 3D Modelling and CAD Drafting for manufacture, Steven saw a need within the manufacturing sectors to provide a professional design drafting service that offers a “hands-on” approach to design, understanding the challenges facing modern manufacturing – and decided to start his own company. Specialising in the Mining, Agriculture, Materials Handling and Transport sectors it soon became necessary to secure office space south of Brisbane where a small design studio was set up.

Technical Publisher & 2D CAD Drafting Services

2D CAD Drafting and Technical Documentation services were added to the product mix at Solid Innovations shortly after launch. Steven identified the need for an ‘under-the-one-roof’ solution for his clientele and with the expanded product-line came the demand for more work and Solid Innovations steadily employed local staff to meet the demand.

Solidworks Certified Professionals

The 3D Modelling Application, Solidworks, is the vehicle that powers Solid Innovations’ passion for 3D Product Design and fuels the determination to exceed client expectations. Steven secured Solidworks’ Certification and the company is proud to deliver the highest professional standards for client projects.


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