Solidworks Training

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SolidWorks Training

In most situations a company will purchase SolidWorks from their reseller and train staff members with the resellers Essentials training purchased additionally to the software. Occasionally some staff may receive advanced training as well. However as every business is different, bad habits and workarounds are often developed after this training and usually then form part of the company’s standard practice.

Solid Innovations offer customised training solutions that utilise your own products as training examples. Following a company audit, SolidWorks Best Practices are established where staff training levels are assessed. It is then that a customised training plan can be formulated to suit the companies individual requirements.

  • Customised training is engineered to ensure the assembly order follows the company specific process order in production.
  • Top down modelling techniques are refined and aligned to SolidWorks Best Practices.
  • Company wide integration is addressed to ensure the output from the CAD matches company specific input formats in MRP, Procurement and QA systems.
  • SolidWorks is customised to ensure that there is consistency between users and common templates are utilised.
  • Product Data Management (PDM) is refined and implemented.
  • SolidWorks procedures and Best Practices are developed and documented.

Once implemented positive effects will be seen through every facet of the organisation, from purchasing, design and production.

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