3D CAD Designers | 3D Model Designers

Improved communications increases focus on the design process, which results in superior designs. No matter what your discipline Solid Innovations' vast experience in design and manufacture is to your advantage.

3D CAD Designers | 3D Model Designers

Why Use Professional 3D CAD Designers?

As the human brain thinks in three dimensions and the products we want to build are three-dimensional, doesn’t it make sense to have them designed in 3D?  With over 50 years combined experience in the design and manufacturing industries Solid Innovations’ 3D CAD Designers will help make your products work better, look superior and last longer.

3D Model Designers: Lower Manufacturing Costs, Faster Time to Market

3D model designers can scrutinised all model details on-screen, this enables pin point focus to be placed on the design process, resulting in simplified communications between the designer and client.  The process of testing the design on-screen before it is built enables all parties to visualise the design around real world conditions.   Ultimately resulting in improved design quality and manufacturing efficiency, all while reducing the time to market.

3D Model Designers: Improve Collaboration and Communication

Having the ability to visualise ideas on-screen in a 3D modelling environment opens up the communication lines in ways that cannot be achieved in a 2D environment.  Improved interaction between the 3D model designers and clients opens the floodgates for new free flowing ideas and product concepts which are the cornerstone to a great design.  Resulting in a product that not only looks good, but one that can be easily manufactured.

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