Solidworks Implementation

You have invested a large amount of time, money and resources in implementing SolidWorks so why not make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

SolidWorks Implementation

Usually following an Audit of the company’s products and unique manufacturing processes, the guidelines are established for implementing SolidWorks that encompasses all aspects of the business. This ensures there is seamless integration into company systems and existing procedures. An implementation plan is then formulated to best fit the companies work schedule.  This implementation is compiled during the company audit and shall address the following areas:

SolidWorks Skill Sets

During the Audit process each SolidWorks user is individually assessed and interviewed as to the level of expertise relevant to the companies requirements. This is then reported as to the additional training requirements recommended, which are tailor made to each individual and company.

Company Integration

As each company is unique and quite different from the next, an exclusive approach is developed to ensure that the output from SolidWorks matches the individual requirements from the company.  It is only through an Audit that all of these criteria can be identified and an implementation devised.

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